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Test Conditional logic form

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Welcome / He mihi

Important information / Pārongo matua

Please check which local board area you are in, read through the local board grant programme and applicant guide before completing this form.  These tell you:

  • Who is eligible to apply
  • What we don’t fund
  • What information you will need to include in your application.

All applications must be completed and submitted using this online application form.  Remember to save as you work. 

Sections of the application form will be greyed out because they are not relevant to your project. 

If you have limited computer access, you can book a computer or librarian for one hour in one of Auckland's libraries. Ensure you take all the required documents saved on a memory stick so you can upload these in your application form. 

Contact a grants advisor at or phone 09 301 0101 if you need advice on your application. Please note there is no technical support after 5:00pm.

Documents you may need to complete this application form:

  • audited accounts, financial statements
  • annual report
  • minutes or letter from chairperson showing decision to apply
  • letters of support
  • letter of agreement from school/s if your project is being delivered in a school
  • any permits necessary if your project is on public land
  • evidence of bank account number (must be one of the following):
    • blank pre printed deposit slip
    • certified bank statement or letter
    • online print screen image (must show bank's web address (URL)

Tips for completing a multi-board application:

If you wish to make an application to multiple local boards:

  • fill out the application form for the local board which has the earliest closing date, and
  • each local board you are applying to must currently have a local grant round open when you submit your application
  • it must be to three local boards or more. Applicants seeking support from two local boards need to complete two separate application forms.
  • be clear on how much money you are requesting from each local board.
  • be clear on what the percentage of benefit there is for each local board; e.g. 25% of participants will come from one local board.
  • make sure you check the lower priorities and exclusions for all the local boards you are applying to (available in Local Board grant programmes online)
  • identify how your project/activity meets the priorities of each local board you are applying to.
  • for multiboard applications you will be notified of the outcome once all the local boards have made their decisions.